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The Bensaude Hotels Collection brings with it a long history of 85 years, deeply linked to the Azores Islands and Azoreans. Today, in the face of the pandemic (COVID-19) we face, all our joint efforts are essential to stop it quickly.
For us, the safety and health of our guests and our staff is, as always, our highest priority. All measures and procedures set forth and shared by the health authorities were immediately activated. Contingency plans have been established in all of our hotel units. In the Azores, we are taking care of our guests in quarantine announced by the Regional Government, ensuring the best possible response in these circumstances.
At this moment, we need to thank our tireless team, suppliers and partners for their commitment and necessary adaptation to these new procedures.
We would also like to thank the health and safety entities that are now redoubling their attention in order to prevent and limit the spread of this disease, both in the Autonomous Region of the Azores and in the Portuguese mainland, reinforcing here our gratitude to all the health professionals for their daily work and commitment.
As for us, we will remain attentive as this situation unfolds. We hope that with these measures we can contribute to the fulfillment of a mission that is global.
And, when it is possible to return safely, whether for leisure or business, we will continue to ensure that our guests resume experiencing unforgettable moments, and to welcome you once more with our Azorean Hospitality.
Marta Bensaude Sousa Pires
Executive Director Bensaude Turismo

Useful Information

Quarantine Period Mandatory for passengers on foreign flights
All passengers on flights from abroad who land in the Autonomous Region of the Azores must comply with a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days, determined by the Regional Health Authority.
They are also required to sign a waiver stating that failure to comply with this mandatory quarantine period constitutes a crime of disobedience and, as such, a complaint will be filed with the judicial authorities.
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Suspension of air connections via Terceira island
Under the Contract for the Obligations Concession of Public Air Transport between the islands of the Region, and as a grantor, suspend the respective contract on the air connections from all islands of the Azores to Terceira Island, and from Terceira Island to all other islands in the Azores, except for cargo transport flights or cases of force majeure, provided that they are duly authorized by the Regional Health Authority.
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Regional Government of the Azores suspends inter-island connections and Azores Airlines flights from the mainland to the Region
The President of the Government has decided to suspend SATA Air Açores flight connections between all the islands in the Region and to give directions, as sole shareholder, to the Board of Directors of Azores Airlines to suspend all air connections from abroad to the Region, except flights carrying cargo or cases of force majeure, provided they are duly authorized by the Regional Health Authority. Likewise suspended are the maritime connections of passengers and vehicles of Atlânticoline between all the islands of the Region, except for the connections of cargo transportation or cases of force majeure, provided that they are duly authorized by the Regional Health Authority.
More information at: